Love Focus

Publicado: noviembre 26, 2007 en Love Focus

Mangaka: Chike Kawakami
Volume: 1
Publisher: Aqua Comics
ISBN: 4-7755-0267-0
Scanlation: Fushichou
Servidor: Savefile


1-3) Love Affair
Business photographer Yoshiki, has a phobia of being in love. However, to satisfy his sexual desire, every night he gets together with a different person. His assistant, Shougo, who is younger than he is, has also fallen for him. Shougo doesn’t just want to play with him. In this situation, what should he do…?


4) Selfish Bonds
When Yamaki runs into his ex-boyfriend on the street, he wants to run. Masaki’s possessive and brutal behavior are what Yamaki escaped from back in college. Masaki’s ready to pick up right where they left off, even though Yamaki is dating a woman…


5) Promissory Vision
Toshiya is going to school in America, but before his departure he is imprisoned and raped by his best friend Kazumi. Trapped in an abandoned building, Toshiya is at Kazumi’s mercy and must answer his accusations of betrayal.

6) The Lovers Kindergarte

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